Hi. We’re Colle McVoy. We use creativity to build enduring relationships between forward-thinking brands and people.

We believe we find ourselves in the next great era of brand building. Where change is constant, the potential for brands is limitless and the canvas for creativity is boundless.

We call it the Great Wide Open™

And in this era where everything seems to be in a constant state of upheaval, relationships matter more than ever. And the brands that endure, grow and rise to the top are built on the shoulders of great relationships — between consumers and brands, and between brands and employees through values and purpose.

At Colle McVoy, we immerse ourselves in our clients’ businesses to build relationships that last 3X the industry average. And we have an award-winning culture and a diversity of thought that attracts top-notch talent and serves as the foundation for how we partner, flex and believe in each other.

The way we see it, the Great Wide Open is an unprecedented time for brands. 

We’re ready for it.

Our clients

Creative at the core

How we work is as important as the work itself. Our perfectly midsized agency offers a unique collection of capabilities with creativity at the center of it all, helping us get to better ideas faster.

Specialty practices

Exponent logo

We’re fame multipliers. Through the power of earned creative, our modern PR approach is designed to make people talk, care and act.

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With the soul of a boutique and the capabilities of an integrated agency, we’re an award-winning team that designs for change.



Fruechte Christine 0 G9 A6863 HR rt4 HR

Christine Fruechte

Chief Executive Officer

Ciro0337 CB rt3 LR copy

Ciro Sarmiento

Chief Creative Officer

Jessica Henrichs Retouched

Jessica Henrichs


Flynn Megan Untitled Session1305 1 CB rt3 HR

Megan Flynn

Chief Financial Officer

John Doyle Retouched

John Doyle

EVP, Brand Strategy & Experience Design

Kristin Woxland Retouched

Kristin Woxland

EVP, Account Mgmt. & 10 Thousand Design Managing Director

Ed Bennett Retouched

Ed Bennett

EVP, 10 Thousand Design

Dave Fransen Retouched

Dave Fransen

SVP, Exponent PR

Gil Muinos Retouched

Gil Muiños

Executive Creative Director

Dustin Black Retouched

Dustin Black

Executive Creative Director

Steve Knapp Retouched

Steve Knapp

Managing Director, Media & Data Science

Missy Mans Retouched

Missy Mans

SVP, Operations

Paul Lammert Retouched

Paul Lammert

SVP, Technology

The Constellation network

Constellation is a collection of best-in-class agencies operating within Stagwell. It’s uniquely structured to bring bespoke solutions and uncover opportunities that solve the toughest business problems at scale.

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