Reimagining the Target in-store experience, from electronics to toys and beyond, to bring more joy to everyday life. 

More Smiles in the Aisles of Target

Target stores have always been at the center of the brand’s strategy and success. We partnered with Target to refresh and reimagine the in-store experience, making it easier to shop and giving guests more of what they love about Target.

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Pumping up play for kids and adults

Play enhances creativity, makes us smarter and brings families together. And when Target becomes the place with more possibilities for play, we can bring more joy to their lives. We partnered with Target to build immersive, larger-than-life moments for kids and parents to play together.

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Retail experience design brings technology to life

When it comes to tech and electronics, Target had an opportunity to show guests how technology fits into their lives with style and ease. We helped bring a new vision to life for the entire category. Through experience design, messaging and creative expression, we inspired and educated guests, showing products in life context and curating recommendations to help them shop smart.

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Target Electronics Heyday Poster Phone 1600x1600
Target Electronics Heyday Redhead 1600x1600
Target Electronics Heyday earphones 1600x1600
Target Electronics Heyday Phones 1600x1600

Inspiring guests throughout the year

We partnered with Target creative and store designers to make the seasons pop with eye-catching displays and cart-stopping retail experience design. Bonus: We helped Target activate a modular creative system that evolves throughout seasonal campaigns to save on production costs and make it easier for store staff to create displays.

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Elevating the Target store design, one category at a time

We designed physical and digital experiences geared to make shopping fast, fun and totally inspired. From sporting goods to toys to licensed products, we created distinct engagement moments within each category, while tying them together for a holistic Target store experience.

“Our stores are at the center of our strategy, and they are at the center of our success right now.”

— Brian Cornell, CEO, Target

Connecting guests and tech

A human-centered electronics store experience elevated the latest trends, celebrated BIPOC designers and highlighted how tech connects to guests’ lives.

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When it comes to electronics, Target guests aren’t techies, but they do want to be inspired by the joy tech brings to their lives. Partnering with Target creative and store design teams, we helped create a more human-centered experience in electronics, showing guests how easy it is to integrate technology into everyday life and providing confidence they’re making the right purchase.

02 CM TGT Pomme Wall 2048x1152

Anchoring the space

Target wanted to elevate the electronics experience and make it a regular destination for guests to shop. By opening up the floorplan and bringing premium brands to the forefront, the newly transformed space anchors the whole department and draws people in from across the store.

03 10 T TGT Pomme Devices Collage 2680x1670
06 CM TGT Pomme Wall2 2048x1152 210506 134328
07 CM TGT Pomme Stay Connected 1004x618 210506 134335

Helping guests see themselves in a smart home

For the growing smart home category, we helped create a dimensional store experience to highlight how these products fit into people’s lives. We art-directed CG imagery that shows products in specific use-case scenarios, inspiring guests and demonstrating how easy it is to make their homes smarter and more connected.

08 CM TGT Pomme Wall3 2048x1152

Celebrating big change with one of America’s largest retailers

As Target geared up to remodel hundreds of stores nationwide, all sorts of communication challenges came to the fore: easing guests’ confusion during construction, building excitement for what was to come and then getting throngs of shoppers in the door once complete. We teamed up with our friends at Target to do just that.

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Target Boston Barricade Flat NEW 2880x1040
Target Remodel ISM Barriscade 1120x1040v2
Target Boston Barricade Paint Logo 840x1020

Storewide signage highlighted by friendly illustrations shifted the narrative from the expected “pardon our dust” to “change is beautiful.”

A 360° makeover gets 360° content.

To invite guests back to their newly remodeled Target, we created a full panorama video that was featured in social to build excitement and provide a sneak peek.

  • Target Remodel SUBWAY 180719 TARGETBK 0360 rt3 HR
  • Target Remodel SUBWAY 180719 TARGETBK 0261 rt3 HR
  • Target Remodel SUBWAY 180719 TARGETBK 0140 rt3 HR
  • Target Remodel STREET 180719 TARGETBK 0013 rt3 HR
  • Target Remodel STREET 180719 TARGETBK 0391 rt3 HR
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Once each remodel was complete, we shared the news loudly and proudly, welcoming guests back to their happy place.

Target Celebration Balloon Store Front 2048x1152

At the grand reopening of the Minneapolis flagship store, we covered the entrance with 16,000 balloons to celebrate the thousands of square feet of shopping bliss.

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  • Target Remodel STREET 180719 TARGETBK 0391 rt3 HR
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  • Target Celebration Carousel 01 Coffee Donut Stand 2050x1150
  • Target Celebration Carousel 02 Coffee Donut 2050x1150
  • Target Celebration Carousel 03 Atrium HH 2050x1150
  • Target Celebration Carousel 04 HH Escalator 2050x1150
  • Target Celebration Carousel 05 HH Employee 2050x1150
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For the flagship reopening, downtown street traffic got a taste of the action with free coffee and donuts and an invitation to join the party.