From a butter company to a global food futurist.

The Copernicus Project at SXSW

The Copernicus Project was part think tank, part social experiment, part activation. SXSW attendees experienced key food system issues our world is facing and how humans are adapting. The Copernicus Project shifted how people saw Land O’Lakes, taking it from a butter company to a thought leader.

An immersive video experience told the story of biodiversity through vivid animated graphics projected onto 9-foot-high screens.

The Beautiful Food Web sculpture showed how humans aren’t at the top of a food chain, but instead are part of a vast and interconnected web.

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The wall of opinions

To measure The Copernicus Project’s impact, guests gave their opinions before they entered the space through an interactive art piece that let them manipulate colored strings to share their thoughts on our food system.

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Hopeless Hoptimist, a beer brewed with upcycled bread, illustrated the seriousness of food waste and the steps we can take to control it.

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Cryptic statements and provocative truths were animated into compelling social videos. This framed The Copernicus Project as more than just an activation — it was a movement.

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The Copernicus Project played host to a huge slate of panels and programming starring the top minds in food, technology, business and sustainability.

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Kozy Shack

When Land O’Lakes bought the Kozy Shack brand in 2012, national awareness was low. Meanwhile, at grocery stores refrigerated desserts were losing shelf space to yogurt.

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Our solution focused on the strength of the brand. Kozy Shack pudding is made with delicious ingredients we all know.
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Through it all, we continued to build our community of pudding enthusiasts on social media.






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