Colle McVoy Is Now a B Corporation!

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By Christine Fruechte

2023 May 1

For nearly 90 years, Colle McVoy has embraced doing good and acting purposefully for our employees, clients, community and the environment. This commitment is part of our culture and core to who we are. It inspired us to seek and earn B Corporation Certification from B Lab, a nonprofit network transforming the global economy to benefit all people, communities and the planet. We're thrilled to join the global B Corp community of more than 6,500 companies helping balance profit with purpose and taking collective action to address society’s most critical challenges.

Becoming B Corp certified is a significant milestone in Colle McVoy’s ongoing transformation to build the agency of the future. We believe a better future means we have a responsibility to use our expertise as a force for good and that all growth should be rooted in doing what’s best for people, the planet and the communities we operate in. We call this sustainable and inclusive business model good growth.

This approach is not only the right thing to do — it also embodies what it takes to build brands in the new, ever-changing marketing landscape and to go beyond the way things have always been done. Consumer expectations are higher than ever, and as our economy becomes increasingly purpose-driven and values-based, modern marketers are challenged to navigate this next era of brand building. Our B Corp Certification is a codification of our inherent commitment to be better tomorrow than we are today as we work to create real change for ourselves and our partners.

The mission of the B Corp movement is to cultivate, mobilize and amplify the collective impact of a community of credible, stakeholder-driven business leaders in order to drive economic systems change for the benefit of all. Progressing as a society requires all organizations to move in the right direction and commit to good growth. It’s the promise of this progression and the understanding that we all depend on each other, and thus are responsible for each other, that impels us to take action for future generations. Therefore, we work with companies at various stages of their journey to do better so we can help them take meaningful actions to improve outcomes in their industries. By focusing on how we can all do better, we can achieve the greatest progress for our planet.

B Corp Certification doesn't mean that a company is perfect, nor that it has achieved its highest impact. It does show that it’s part of a global community of businesses — including fellow B Corp certified companies Allbirds, Athleta, Cotopaxi, Seventh Generation and Vermont Creamery, to name a few — working collectively for economic systems change and meeting rising standards of social and environmental performance. So receiving certification isn't an end destination; rather, it’s part of our long-term commitment to social good that requires recertification every three years. We'll measure and be accountable for the impact of our actions.

We hope our journey inspires more CEOs to explore B Corp Certification, and we welcome inquires to learn more. As we compete to be among the best companies in the world, let’s also strive to be the best companies for the world. Our future depends on it.

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