Inspiring the future of swimming with an Olympic-sized splash.

Bringing more fun to the surface

Most Americans viewed swimming as a leisure activity, not a sport. As a result, participation stagnated. By highlighting the lifetime of fun the sport provides, more kids were inspired to join swim teams.

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Swim United

The sport of swimming’s participation had been treading water in the years leading up to the 2016 Olympics. USA Swimming needed to get more kids into pools and swim clubs. Enter the Rio Olympics and the Swim United campaign.

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Things kicked off during the Olympic trials with a film connecting Olympians’ early joy with future accomplishments.


Increase in Swim Memberships


Increase in Organic Online Searches for Swim Clubs

Social content, including Olympians and kids singing the national anthem underwater, generated 6 million views.
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Customizable promotional items were created for swim teams to use to spread the fun and excitement of swimming.
On April 1, we introduced the world to a new scent: Eau de Chlorine. It featured a manatee (of course) and people swimming in fancy clothes.