How do you get employees at professional service firms to finally finish their timesheets?

Keg pull 1330x710
The TapServer transformed a tedious but necessary task into the simple reward of gathering with co-workers at the end of the day. Cheers.

Timesheets go down better with a brew

Now in its second generation, the TapServer features independent pressure and cooling lines housed in a custom-made tap tower that’s completely integrated into the backsplash of the agency cafe. Four rotating taps are controlled by iPhones.

The TapServer is a multi-keg beer deployment system that provides free beer as a reward for timesheet completion.
  • Hatch Tap Server Slide1
  • Keg tap handles 1024
  • Keg pressure guage 1024

Users are authenticated based on timesheet completion.

A self-serve system abides by the company’s time-of-day alcohol policy.

Beer temperature and C02 levels are regulated automatically.

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Weekly Completion Rate — Well Above Industry Average — With More Than 11,000 On-Time Submissions