Rebuilding the Invisalign brand into a global leader with an empowering truth: We don’t just move teeth — we move people forward in life.

Made to Move

The Made to Move platform spoke to both Invisalign’s pioneering technology and their potential to advance lives.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Experiential
  • Virtual Reality
  • Emerging Technology
  • Augmented Reality
  • Packaging
The brand anthem tapped into the universal desire to progress while taking Invisalign from a regionally led brand to a globally unified one.

The Made to Move positioning was brought to life at Invisalign’s headquarters, inspiring their teams with the brand purpose.

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A complete package redesign created a more user-friendly and lifestyle-forward experience.
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“Our company, our customers, our patients and our technology. They are all moving forward. Made to Move is what we do, is what we’ve been doing. It unites our history with our future.”

— Joe Hogan, President and CEO, Align Technology



Countries Reached by the Global Platform


Sales Increase in the First 3 Years


Total Shareholder Return

VR Soccer Challenge

The Invisalign VR Soccer Challenge invited teens at the world’s largest youth soccer tournament to discover how clear aligners don’t stand in the way of helping them reach their goals.

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A social content series followed two teen soccer players on their athletic and Invisalign journeys across five episodes.