Factory 6 is our in-house production process. We partner with clients to ensure creative ideas come to life efficiently with the highest level of craft and quality.

Pressing fast-forward on creative timelines

Traditional timelines are slow. We believe a streamlined process works best. Small teams work faster. Mutual trust allows us to make bold work. And placement liquidity gets the most bang for every piece.

  • Branding & Identity
  • Social Media
  • Content Strategy


Rooted in our visit to Chicken Camp, we created a look and voice that refreshed an iconic brand for a new generation. We brought that new branding to life on screens of all sizes in well-planned, quarterly shoots.

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Houston White and 3M

We overdelivered on an ask from a client by creating a full spectrum of video and static assets that could be used across platforms, all in one shoot.

Cub cadet

We woke up clients from a sleepy winter with some of the strongest coffee around, plus viral video content to match. By bringing the whole process in-house, we were able to create the work more efficiently and give the product a life of its own.