Elevating and empowering a community while building an inclusive national brand with entrepreneur, designer and community leader Houston White.

Houston White Brand Identity

The masterbrand identity reflects Houston White’s sense of community as a connecting force. A redesigned crest elevates the original symbols of Black excellence and adds brand tools that bring people, cultures and communities together.

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A brand book evokes the intention, distinction and spirit of the brand, telling the story of its cultural roots and evolution from a community-building barbershop to a conscious fashion design house. 

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Houston White is a pioneer, bringing Black culture to golf and tennis in order to open the sports to more players and communities of color. Viictory brings bold hues and cultural textures to sportswear, incorporating the founder’s lucky number 7 as part of the rightfully ambitious name.

HW x Target

Inspired by Houston White’s belief that connection is the most powerful force in human nature, a Target partnership brought his unique style and swagger to the masses.

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The Houston White apparel and lifestyle brand is a catalyst for change, fostering a community of people who see strength in cultural collision and is inclusive of all.

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The key insight that drove creative exploration: style is about more than how you look; style is your voice. 

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A robust brand identity system was used extensively throughout the apparel line, including on patterns, patches, buttons, zipper pulls, appliqués and the retail tagging system.


Brooke Ross — Hang Tag and Brand Photography
Amber Griffin — Brand Photography
Jake George — Brand Photography