Colle Mcvoy Hero Cubcadet 1440X810

Elevating a brand from steel and horsepower.

The Cub Cadet name was synonymous with residential riding lawn mowers. After decades of building a reputation for the quality of its signature yellow lawn tractors through product-centric marketing, there was a need to tell the brand’s story and make an emotional connection. We were tasked with taking them from high-powered manufacturing company to powerful brand.
We helped Cub Cadet find its human side — beginning with uncovering its brand purpose. Driven by audience insight, we landed on the notion that whether someone is mowing an acre of property or riding a utility vehicle through the backcountry, the machine is a means to a greater end — the possibilities of that space. This purpose took root inside the organization and quickly extended to marketing campaigns across product lines. It was expressed in the Cub Cadet master brand campaign.