Fast Company, Adweek & Others Tout Stay Wild Campaign

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Colle McVoy created a stirring new national marketing campaign for Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism that generates a call to action “crafted squarely for our time,” according to Adweek. At the center of the Stay Wild campaign is a 90-second anthem spot that pairs images of awe-inspiring natural beauty and exciting experiences with the rousing voiceover of Charlie Chaplin’s well-known speech from the movie The Great Dictator. Fast Company says, “The clip is expertly used, and will no doubt appeal to people on all points of the social and political spectrum, hearing what they want to hear and how it applies to them.”

Stay Wild is a rallying cry that needs to be heard today, and not just in commercials.

David Burns ,

The dynamic campaign was also featured in DesignTaxi, Mpls Egotist, Denver Egotist and more.

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