Powerful Feeding America PSA Makes an Impact

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In partnership with the Ad Council, Colle McVoy created a broadcast PSA for Feeding America that depicts the growing need to feed millions and inspire people to donate to the organization’s COVID-19 Response Fund. Called I Got You, the powerful spot was lauded by Muse by Clio, MediaPost, Little Black Book, Shoot and other media outlets.

“The heartbreaking images at food banks across America show just how much hunger is spreading during this pandemic,” said Christine Fruechte, CEO of Colle McVoy. “This campaign thoughtfully combines some of these emotive images with the powerful lyrics of Ciara’s song to evoke the strong American spirit to help others and inspire people to donate to Feeding America and the 54 million Americans in need.”

Colle McVoy has had a long-standing relationship with the Ad Council and has collaborated with Feeding America on client projects in the past, such as the Land O’Lakes Pin a Meal, Give a Meal. Over the years, Colle McVoy has partnered with many other agricultural and food-centric clients whose purpose centers on feeding a growing planet.