Emotional Campaign for 3M Featured in Adweek, Ad Age, Campaign & More

3M Parents Coming Out News Hero

Coming out as LGBTQ is still tough, but parent support can make it easier. That’s why we helped 3M, in partnership with the PFLAG organization, create the #ParentsComingOut movement to encourage parents to send messages of support to their kids and to spread the message for all to see. Because the public support of loved ones can make all the difference in a person’s life. 3M has been a proud sponsor of Pride for more than 20 years and this project evolved out of our work at the 2017 Pride celebration with the Command™ Brand. Command aims to support people fearlessly making their space their own, which means fearlessly being yourself. The powerful program was covered by AdweekAd Age/CreativityThe DrumCampaign and The Mpls Egotist.