The Path to Innovation is Education

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How can brands keep up and get ahead in an ever-shifting environment?

For today’s brand and business leaders, it’s a huge challenge just to keep up, much less get ahead. And for good reason. We’re experiencing a sort of Moore’s Law of everything, where the pace and volume of change is increasing at unprecedented rates.

With hatch, we understand the path to innovation is education, and we believe the best education comes from hands-on experimentation and play. These are the principles behind the hatch Tomorrow Sessions, our mobile learning experiences meant to bring the technologies and trends of tomorrow to our clients today.

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When assembling a Tomorrow Session, our goal is not only to curate the emerging tech and trends that will matter for each client, but also to project how these trends will create unique challenges and opportunities specific to the client’s brand, business, and people — including internal teams and end consumers.

For CHS/Cenex, a multi-faceted corporation with holdings in agriculture, energy, retail and more, surveying the vast landscape of possible technologies and associated trends was a unique challenge. But by working with our client to understand its needs and co-creating the learning agenda and exhibits, we were able to select those technologies and trends that most directly impact the many businesses and consumer categories in which CHS/Cenex operates.

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Over a six-hour open house experience, CHS/Cenex staff representing every discipline in the company participated in hands-on demonstrations that resulted in immediate inspiration for practical applications. More importantly, participants left the day with the information and confidence required to fuel future innovations.

If you’re interested in having a hatch Tomorrow Session for your brand, contact us.