Colle McVoy Uncovers Insights for Brands to Address Food System Issues

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2021 October 11

For decades, Colle McVoy has helped countless food and agriculture brands navigate the ever-changing consumer landscape. But when the pandemic drastically changed consumer grocery shopping, eating and cooking habits, we knew this was a rare opportunity to gather meaningful insights in real time that our clients needed.

So we embarked on an epic road trip this past year to conduct socially distanced interviews with individuals across our food system, from farmers to entrepreneurs to butchers to eaters and everyone in between as part of Colle McVoyager, our proprietary insights program designed to create a more human and intimate knowledge of our dynamic food system.

As a result, we uncovered stories of real people and gleaned many key insights to help brands solve our food system’s greatest problems. We’ve shared some of these insights through POVs including The Vital Role Marketing Plays Today in Supporting Our Food System and 5 Mandatories for Marketing to Post-pandemic Grocery Shoppers. The deck below distills some of our top findings into how our food system is (and isn’t) working today based on the stories and knowledge of the people on the front lines. If you’d like a full review of the insights or to learn more about how your brand can leverage them, contact

The key findings are available for download below.

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