Colle McVoy Recognized in 2019 Clio Health Awards

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Colle McVoy and its client partners Children’s Health and Proof Alliance have been shortlisted in the 2019 Clio Health Awards, which honor the best in health advertising and marketing.

The agency and Children’s Health were recognized in the Film (Heath & Wellness) 30 Seconds and Under category for the “Show and Tell” video. Part of the Kids Rule campaign, the charming video tells one boy’s story as he reveals his surgery to his class and is unique in its celebration of children rather than a focus on technology.

Recognition was also received in the Film (Health & Wellness) 61 Seconds to Five Minutes category for the “Scary Mommy” video for Proof Alliance. The compelling and emotive video shows kids lightheartedly sharing common misconceptions about drinking during pregnancy, only to change drastically in tone to reveal the hard-hitting truth about FASD. Each child has been diagnosed with an FASD, and hearing them talk about the developmental delays, cognitive disabilities and physical manifestations they experience is profound.

See more information about the award-winning campaigns here.

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