American Signature, Inc. Taps Colle McVoy For Brand-Building Remit Across Multiple Businesses

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2024 July 10

Family-owned furniture destinations like Value City Furniture + American Signature Furniture aim to magnify modernization with brand strategy, media, creative and design backing from Colle McVoy.

“People come into our stores and do a double take, surprised by what we have to offer. Most don’t know the wow moment they’re in for if they haven’t shopped with us in the last few years,” shares American Signature, Inc. CMO Kelly Routhier. “It’s time we move beyond being a best-kept secret for our value and assortment—and so we’re joining forces with Colle McVoy to spread the word and showcase our strengths.”

American Signature, Inc. is considered among the top 15 furniture retailers in the U.S., according to Furniture Today, with around $1B in revenue. Since its founding in 1948, the privately-owned and family-led business has grown to have 120+ stores.

“The schisms within many enterprises are at odds with what consumers want, which are elegant and seamlessly connected experiences,” shares Colle McVoy EVP of Brand Experience Strategy, John Doyle, about the appointment. “American Signature is a terrarium of awesome in that they control their retail environment and product—no part of the business is off-limits for where we can build intentionality and impact.”

Colle McVoy participated in two separate pitches led by American Signature, Inc. to take on integrated marketing duties spanning brand strategy, design, media and creative.

The first leg of the pitch began with informal meetings in October of 2023 that were followed by store immersion sessions. Rather than presenting extensive capabilities, Colle McVoy was asked to do competitive audits and work through a subset of identified business opportunities in real-time with various stakeholders.

Routhier had recently joined the organization in the CMO capacity at that time.

“Fit over formality was our priority. We were searching for an agency we could bring into the fold quickly and be honest about how we see the business and the category complexities. Colle McVoy showed it could be the extension of our team with its Midwestern sensibilities and collaborative style,” adds Routhier. “The relationship clicked in those early meetings.”

The pitch for media scope kicked off in mid-February with final selections revealed in April.

According to Routhier, American Signature Inc., did not intend to end up with one agency covering both scopes for its businesses.

“Colle McVoy presented a different way to think about our customer and how to leverage and grow our presence in the furniture business that set them apart from others. Ultimately, having such cohesion between the brand, creative, media and more—living under one roof—was really appealing,” notes Routhier.

Statistica reports that the U.S. leads other countries when it comes to furniture market revenue at $263B in 2024, with an expected annual growth rate of 3.82% from 2024 to 2029. Category retailers continue to navigate cooling demand from pandemic sales surges amid a challenging housing market. All of which is compounded by frazzled supply chains limiting innovation and meeting consumer’s growing preferences for eco-conscious products.

“We work with partners to create products exclusive to our stores to bring unique pieces to the marketplace when it comes to styling, features and customizations. Really, a lot of our business comes down to relationships,” adds Routhier.

“Holistic branding will tighten the bonds American Signature has with its partners and consumers,” shares Colle McVoy President, Jessica Henrichs. “Our job here is to magnify the experience and elevated products intrinsic to all stores, while respecting the nuances making each magnetic from locale to locale and consumer to consumer.”

The first campaign under the new partnership is expected to launch in early 2025.

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