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Before the dust started to fly, we walked the aisles in Target guests’ shoes — visiting remodels-in-progress and talking with guests and employees to ground ourselves in their real-world experiences.

Target Boston Barricade Flat New 2880X1040
Target Remodel Ismbarriscade 1120X1040V2
Target Boston Barricade Paint Logo 840X1020

Storewide signage highlighted by friendly illustrations shifted the narrative from the expected “pardon our dust” to “change is beautiful.”

To invite guests back into their newly remodeled Target, Colle McVoy created a full panorama video that was featured in social to build excitement and provide a sneak preview.

Once each remodel was complete, we shared the news loudly and proudly, welcoming guests back to their happy place.

Target Celebration Balloon Store Front 2048X1152

At the grand reopening for the Minneapolis flagship store, we covered the entrance with 16,000 balloons to celebrate the thousands of square feet of shopping bliss.

Target Remodels Balloon Selfie Split Left 1160X1150
Target Remodels Balloon Logo Detail Split Right840X1150

The event captured the imagination of local residents, downtown workers and passersby who shared their experiences in social.

For the flagship reopening, downtown street traffic got a taste of the action with free coffee and donuts, and an invitation to join the party.

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