From nostalgic sport to next-generation thrills.

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About Take Me Fishing

The previous campaign was rooted in nostalgia. While sentimental, it wasn’t enough to make it relevant to a new generation.

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Fishing gets a digital tackle box.

We transformed an outdated and unresponsive website into a go-to guide that mentors every experience level across a wide range of devices.

Visit the site experience.
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Real-life catches captured from across the country showcased the thrills, rallying anglers to tag their pics with #FirstCatch and share them through videos, print ads and social.

A poster series offered inspiration for getting families on the water.

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Rbff Take Me Fishing Spanish Banner2 Split Right, the Hispanic sister site to, saw traffic jump by 13%, helping add more than 400,000 Hispanic participants.



Fishing participation (16 to 65 years of age) increased by 8.2% over the last five years.



Revenue from fishing equipment and trip expenditures increased over $1 billion in the past five years.

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