SXSW Activation Establishes Land O’Lakes as a Food Thought Leader

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About Land O'Lakes

Biodiversity is the variety of life on Earth. The more we have, the healthier our planet and our people are. To tell the story of biodiversity, we created an immersive video experience projected onto 9-foot-high screens. Vivid animated graphics both enlightened guests and blew their minds.

We constructed a gigantic sculpture to show that humans are not at the top of the food chain. We are part of a vast and interconnected web of seemingly unrelated factors.

To show the profound effect that nanotechnology has on our food system, we designed and built an avocado ball pit. Guests could slide in and deposit a micronutrient to help the avocado thrive.

In order to measure the impact of The Copernicus Project on our guests, we had to get a sense of their opinions before they entered the space. So we created an interactive art piece that let visitors manipulate colored strings to share their thoughts about our food system.

The Copernicus Project played host to a huge slate of panels and programming starring top minds in food, technology, business and sustainability.

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Food waste is a huge problem. To illustrate the seriousness of this issue and the steps we can take to control it, we made Hopeless Hoptimist, a beer brewed with upcycled bread. Visitors were not only wowed by its deliciousness, they were inspired to make a change.

Partnering With The Washington Post

Our partnership with The Washington Post BrandStudio generated more awareness and post-event content.

Learn the truth about hunger in America.
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