Colle McVoy Joins Burgeoning Esports Market

Digital Strategy

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Trust is very important. Entering kinda have one shot. And if you do it in a way that feels gross and isn’t true to what the brand is wanting to contribute and isn’t true to the community they want to be a part of, it could backfire.

Ian Anderson, Owner of HeroesHearth

We love when a brand celebrates us. Instead of just trying to sell to us. Really if you want to get into esports and you’re not a specific brand that’s tied to esports, like a computer brand, the way to get in is to really celebrate us and show us that you’re behind us. And we’ll get behind you.

Jacob Utitus, Computer Science Teacher and High School Esports Coach

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I’ve been to tons of hockey games, rock concerts, football games. Nothing compared to people losing their minds…like LOSING THEIR MINDS.

Ian Anderson, Owner of HeroesHearth

We practiced...

The numbers speak for themselves. When getting into something like need to get in with an education. You need to get in knowing and understanding how to talk with this community how to be a part of it. It’s about building. It’s about growing it in an organic natural responsible way.

Ian Anderson, Owner of HerosHearth

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