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About Explore Minnesota Tourism

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Competitively, every state took the same approach. Ads teeming with inaccessible imagery. A struggle that led to a breakthrough.

Segmentation studies identified key audiences: Cultural Explorers and Spontaneous Adventurers. Both wanted to feel less like tourists and more like locals.

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#OnlyInMN activated residents and visitors to share their local discoveries, turning them into spontaneous ambassadors uploading virtual postcards of our state.

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The hub on Explore Minnesota's website curated #OnlyInMN content and put travelers on their journey with trip-planning tools.

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Their social dispatches, in the form of photos, videos, blog posts and tweets, reached millions of potential future visitors and created tens of thousands of engagements with the campaign.

MNstagram booths were shipped across the country 
to give potential visitors an #OnlyInMN experience 
to share.

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Generated incremental visits numbered 3.5 million, and generated incremental traveler spending reached $388.8 million.



Explore Minnesota received 1.5 million web visitors in three months – a 35% increase.

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