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Cub Cadet Pro Z Overlay On V2

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It pays to pay attention on the factory tour. When we learned of the involvement of landscape professionals in Cub Cadet’s product development process, we knew that it had a significant role to play in creating believers out of doubters. The process was their story, and giving a voice to the professionals who tested the product on the job could convince the industry that the PRO Z Series was legit.

The new PRO Z Series touted the industry’s thickest cutting deck. To announce the line, we sent industry influencers a press release made out of triple-7-gauge steel.

To showcase the many standout features of PRO Z Series, we leaned on testimonials and GoPro footage from professional landscapers to provide a credible look at what distinguishes the line from other commercial mowers.

Real landscapers also starred in the product brochure and retail posters, backing technical highlights with personal endorsements through quotes and portrait photos taken right from the field.



The launch campaign saw enthusiastic buy-in throughout Cub Cadet’s dealer network. Cub Cadet saw 50% growth in the commercial category.

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