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Cenex Powered Locally Overlay On V2

About Cenex

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When we brought the idea of “local is personal” together with our brand promise of powering lives, the Powered Locally campaign was born.

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Cenex stores are as unique as the people they serve. The campaign celebrated this by highlighting local, honest and humorous moments during high-profile programming.

We launched our new “rolling hills” media approach with a pair of fun, friendly 15-second ads during the Super Bowl, which set the tone for a series of peaks throughout the year.

Rather than a few 30-second spots, we produced nine 15-second ads in total, which doubled our impressions without increasing our budget.

Social offers a little neighborly help.

Hyper-targeted mobile ads helped us communicate Powered Locally messaging based on user location.

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Online GIFs proved to be the perfect place to keep our new media approach strong between seasonal pushes.

We brought helpful advice to the web by posting how-to videos to social channels that are as useful as they are entertaining.



More than 50% of people surveyed feel the Powered Locally campaign makes Cenex feel relevant to them personally.

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