Partnering with Tim Gunn to inspire DIYers.


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Being an avid Command™ Brand enthusiast, Tim agreed to the partnership from the get-go.

A TV campaign ran throughout the year, covering each of Command™ Brand’s three key seasons — Picture Hanging Season, Back to College and Holiday — and featuring Tim’s iconic voice.

Imagine if Tim actually penned an entire book filled with tidbits of wall-decorating wisdom. We did.

More than a dozen online videos filled the social channels of our target audience and inspired users to make it work with Command™ Products.

We gave the world a glimpse of the collaboration process by launching a behind-the-scenes video to introduce the new partnership.

I’ve dedicated most of my career to instilling confidence in people to fearlessly express themselves through what they wear. Command Brand™ inspires people in the same way, but through making their spaces their own.

Tim Gunn

Let’s make it work.

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