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Colle McVoy is a big fan of SXSW (Just check out our work on the Food Effect if you don’t believe us). We love heading to Austin each year to see the convergence of new technologies, cool ideas and extravagant brand experiences. Plus, we’ve been recognized for our thought leadership on the SXSW stage for years.

This year, we would love your help getting to Austin again. Colle McVoy has four entries in the SXSW PanelPicker. View them all and cast your vote below! 

Inclusion: Not a Buzzword, But An Action

Diversity in the workplace isn’t just a buzzword. It’s a priority if you want to compete.  Companies need to disrupt the traditional hiring pipeline, reaching diverse candidates from the ground up. And, once hired, companies need to ensure they are motivated and successful at work. In this session, CM chief creative officer Mike Caguin will outline our work with Minneapolis nonprofit The BrandLab, who is changing the face and voice of the marketing and advertising industry. 

Building Consumer Connections in the Opt Out Age

We know what people are listening to, what they’re watching and what brand of milk is in their fridges. New technology and advanced data collection help us know almost everything about consumers. But with mistrust on the rise and nearly 80 percent of consumers opting out of online data collection, the distance between people and brands is growing rapidly. In this session, two of our strategists will discuss human first data and how to work differently to build relationships with consumers.

Media-First thinking: A Marketer’s Secret Weapon

As data and new technologies change culture and human behavior, they also create an explosion of complex choices for how brands go to market. Media strategy, whether paid, owned or earned, drives these decisions and transforms business as usual. CM Executive Director of Media, Steve Knapp, and 3M Consumer Business Group Engagement Leader, Chris Luna, will explore how leading marketers have adapted a new, smarter media playbook to drive innovation.

Mixed Blessings: Technology and Branding

We’re living in the most amazing era of technology and innovation ever. But with every exciting innovation comes unforeseen side effects. Brands and advertisers have an opportunity to cast their gaze forward and anticipate divergent potential outcomes, and adopt strategies and policies to make for a more responsible, equitable and valuable world. In this session, we will analyze emergent technologies with a forward gaze to help brand leaders become experts in handling these new classes of problems.