Sophia Wiener Joins Colle McVoy as Experience Design Director

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Colle McVoy announced today that Sophia Wiener has joined the agency in the new position of experience design director within the agency’s rapidly expanding brand experience design team. Wiener will leverage her user experience and experience design skills, business savvy and creativity to lead innovative design efforts that transform clients’ businesses.

“Whether designing new digital products or creating cohesive brand experiences that span media, Sophia’s focus is singular: putting the human at the center and ensuring the brand works to meet or exceed expectations,” said John Doyle, Colle McVoy’s executive director of brand experience. “With her background in designing for e-commerce and direct-to-consumer brands, she understands that utility, convenience, speed and personalization are the building blocks for exceptional experiences, be they online or in real life.”

Wiener’s 10-year career journey spans public relations and experience design, with specialties in strategic communications, business transformation, enterprise website projects, social media programs, mobile strategies, digitally driven creative campaigns and product design. She was most recently at Wondersauce in New York, where she co-led the experience team to create websites and digital products across various industries, including e-commerce, publishing and hospitality. Her client experience includes Carlson Rezidor, Tabasco, Lively, Juice Press and Bombas, an account for which she received honorable mention in the 2017 Shopify Commerce Awards.

“I’m excited to be part of an incredibly dynamic team of individuals with diverse backgrounds and skill sets. I look forward to working alongside them to continue to shape Colle McVoy’s brand experience offering and create innovative solutions for our clients.”

Colle McVoy’s brand experience design team helps marketers like Target, Cub Cadet and UnitedHealthcare design experiences that exceed people’s expectations and set the bar. Its human-centered approach uniquely addresses the modern dilemma of today’s shoppers — an overload of information causes the once-revered moment of triumph (the purchase) to become a time of emotional challenge or concern — with experiences and services that help them discover, validate and buy.