Adweek Announces Gina Gray’s Arrival

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Adweek broke the news today that Gina Gray is the new director of business development for Colle McVoy and its branded practices Exponent PR and 10 Thousand Design. Gray, who was the agency’s client lead at Target for three years, brings her vast experience of selecting and working with agencies across the country to build on the firm’s 12 plus years of consecutive growth.

“It says a lot when an admired client raises her hand to come work for you and advocate on your behalf,” said Christine Fruechte, CEO of Colle McVoy. “As a strategic decision maker, Gina knows what it takes to best position and differentiate us so we can sustain our momentum and elevate our brands as we pursue future growth.”

“I have long respected Colle McVoy for its work, people and incredible culture,” said Gray. “I knew that if I ever made the move back to the agency side, it would be there. I am passionate about helping to take Colle McVoy to the next level in its journey.”

Gray will help lead the agency’s growth strategy, pitch management and marketing. Her career spans nearly 20 years in agency management, strategic partnerships, and buying and selling creative and media services. Prior to joining Colle McVoy, Gray was a senior manager at Target for seven years, where she managed many of its agency relationships and evaluated, planned, negotiated and bought media/creative services. Before Target, she held leadership positions at publishing and advertising firms.

Gray joins Colle McVoy after it had a record-setting first quarter as a result of high-profile work surrounding CES, the Super Bowl, SXSW and other opportunities. The agency will also soon announce new work and business acquisitions.