Land O’Lakes Returns to SXSW With Captivating Experience

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Land O’Lakes returned to SXSW Interactive with The Copernicus Project, an immersive, interactive experience that brought attendees together around modern food production to explore the intersection of technology, health and food security. The distinctive experience was part of the company’s ongoing efforts to foster big thinking, and create open, honest dialogue and engagement between consumers and industry stakeholders that leads to new solutions and innovations for future food systems. The captivating experience caught the attention of CNET, Adweek, Muse by Clio and Daily Beast.

Named in honor of Nicolaus Copernicus, the project continued his legacy by challenging long-held beliefs about humans as the center of the modern food system. Three days of conversations and sessions on diverse topics brought together experts from disparate worlds, such as Bravo TV’s Top Chef Padma Lakshmi, Stewart Collins from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and more tech gurus, scientists, climate experts, entrepreneurs and nonprofit stakeholders.

In addition to free programming, the 6,000-square-foot space offered a variety of exhibits that provided unique, unexpected ways for consumers to understand the future of food. For example, visitors learned about how nanotechnology is improving modern farming by sliding into an avocado ball pit. Or they learned about the interconnectedness of our food system by walking through a 10-foot-high artistic sculpture made out of bright and colorful LED light rods.

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