Endearing Proof Alliance Video Celebrates Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day allows children to honor their moms and show gratitude for all they do to keep them happy and healthy. This year, Proof Alliance wanted to thank mothers around the world for one thing they did not do to keep their babies healthy: drink alcohol while pregnant. This message is especially important during this time of crisis, when alcohol consumption is on the rise.

By creating a touching video of endearing young children expressing their gratitude for things like listening to science over social media and following CDC guidelines, Proof Alliance focused on simple gestures that can prevent fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD), the most common cause of preventable brain injury in babies. The world has wildly differing opinions on what amount and kind of alcohol is “safe” to consume during pregnancy. And information found on social media, blogs and other online sources is even more contradictory and damaging. Yet the fact remains that the only safe amount of alcohol to drink while pregnant is no amount. Visit proofalliance.org to learn more about the organization or click here to read about its larger national public service campaign and movement to end FASD.