Colle McVoy’s Six Commitments for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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Over the past weeks, we’ve learned silence is no longer acceptable. And while we have long been committed to diversity, equity and inclusion, we can do more, and that starts with being a force for change. We've been quiet for far too long. Too quiet in speaking out against police brutality and violence. Too quiet in acknowledging the detrimental racial disparities and inequities in our state. Too quiet in understanding the challenges our BIPOC colleagues face every day.

We know we must take action and responsibility to fight the systemic racism that permeates our community and nation, demand accountability for George Floyd’s death and the murders of other Black men, women and people, and fight against the many acts of intolerance, discrimination and racism that Black and Brown people suffer daily.

To do this well, we must first act within our own walls. Colle McVoy is recommitting to six initiatives to create change for a better future, including:

  1. Challenge our goals: We will better define our goals for diverse recruitment, retention and professional advancement as well as monitor and communicate our progress. We will seek more input and accountability from our Inclusion Council and employees.
  2. Recruit and elevate: We will recruit more BIPOC employees at all levels across the agency. We will mentor, champion and advance BIPOC employees into senior roles.
  3. Educate and inspire: We will conduct more anti-racism training for managers and the agency at large. We will foster more honest and open internal conversations while listening, learning and amplifying the voices of our BIPOC colleagues.
  4. Engage, invest in and partner: We will expand our 10-year partnership with The BrandLab and our long-term relationship with the 4A’s Multicultural Advertising Intern Program (MAIP) to help deepen their impact. We will also form stronger ties with ADCOLOR and historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) to further widen our network.
  5. Support the community: We will commit to nonprofit, non-industry organizations in the Twin Cities to create real lasting change, such as taking actions to amplify their voices and support Black and minority-owned businesses.
  6. Influence the work: We will partner with like-minded clients to create work that is respectful, progressive and meaningful, and promotes diversity, equity and inclusion. We know diversity of thought and experience is critical to creating ideas that impact a diverse culture.

We know these initiatives alone are not enough but they will pave the path for future growth and equity. We promise to go deeper and do better, listen to ideas from all voices and fight for racial equality and systemic change.