Colle McVoy Named AOR for Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism

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After a competitive review, Colle McVoy has been named agency of record for the Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism Board (JHTTB), which promotes travel and tourism to Jackson Hole and Teton County. The agency will lead strategic planning, creative, design, media planning and non-digital buying, social media content and influencer marketing to attract more visitors to one of the nation’s premier Western mountain destinations.

“Colle McVoy came to us with a deep understanding of our marketing needs and a strategic and creative approach that incorporated the values of our community, including the importance that conservation and sustainability play into the Jackson Hole brand,” said Alex Klein, Board Chair. 

“We look forward to working with Colle McVoy in developing a campaign to promote the shoulder and winter seasons while encouraging stewardship of our national resources.”

Alex Klein ,
Board Chair

The national integrated campaign rolling out this winter will reflect the unique character of Jackson Hole and leverage many of the area’s attractions, including accessibility to two national parks, wildlife, natural assets and beauty, three world-class ski areas, luxury amenities, and a strong music and arts scene.

“Nothing compares to Jackson Hole, and we are thrilled to promote this beautiful, authentic and distinctive American destination,” said Christine Fruechte, CEO, Colle McVoy. “We’re an agency of adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts who are passionate about conserving our nation’s most precious lands and natural assets.”

Colle McVoy has extensive experience in the outdoor and recreation industry, and the travel and tourism category, which includes work for Mammoth Mountain, Explore Minnesota Tourism, Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation, Mountain Hardwear and more. The agency has experienced more than 10 years of consecutive growth and most recently partnered with Great Lakes Coalition, 3M and others, and expanded its relationships with Invisalign, Target and Land O’Lakes.

About Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism Joint Powers Board 

The Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism Joint Powers Board (JHTTB) is a volunteer board appointed by the Jackson Town Council and Teton County Board of Commissioners to oversee the use of the tourism promotion funds appropriated by the lodging tax. The primary goal and mission of the JHTTB is to effectively spend lodging tax funds to promote travel and tourism to Teton County in a manner that is consistent with the shared values of the community. For more information, visit