Colle McVoy Receives Effie Award Recognition

Colle McVoy has received recognition as an Effie Awards finalist, the preeminent industry award that honors the most effective marketing communications campaigns. Gold, Silver and Bronze Effie trophies will be announced at the 45th annual Effie Awards on May 22 in New York.

The agency was recognized in the Disease Awareness & Education category for its work with the Medtronic Foundation. When tasked with the job of increasing survival rates of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), the leading cause of death in America, the agency created the Save-a-Life-Simulator dramatic and immersive online experience instead of making a typical instructional video. Found at, the interactive, online tool launched for The Medtronic Foundation’s HeartRescue Project promoted proper and timely bystander response to SCA. A dynamic “choose your own adventure” style of interactive experience with first person point-of-view videos puts the viewer in the shoes of an everyday mall-goer who witnesses SCA. Viewers get to test their response skills and make fight or flight choices that decide the fate of a victim.

We’re grateful for a client partnership that supported outside-of-the-box thinking and creative ideas that work.

Christine Fruechte ,
CEO, Colle McVoy

“Moving the needle on this project meant helping to save lives,” said Christine Fruechte, President & CEO, Colle McVoy. “We’re grateful for a client partnership that supported outside-of-the-box thinking and creative ideas that work.”

Colle McVoy has received recognition from the Effie Awards in the past for work with Caribou CoffeeRhymesayers Entertainment, Schell’s Brewing Co, Erbert & Gerbert’s, Nestlé Purina Veterinary Diets, Minnesota State Lottery and more.

About the Effie Awards

The Effie Awards honor the most significant achievement in marketing communications: ideas that work. Known by advertisers and agencies globally as the pre-eminent award in the industry, the Effies recognize any and all forms of marketing communication that contribute to a brand’s success. Any marketing medium is eligible for an Effie, as long as results are proven, including Print, TV, Radio, Outdoor, Internet, Guerrilla, Digital, Package Design, Events, Street Teams, PR, Paid or Unpaid Media. Since 1968, winning an Effie has become a global symbol of achievement. Today, Effie celebrates effectiveness worldwide with the annual World Effie Festival, the Global Effie, the EURO Effie, Effie Asia Pacific (Effie APAC) and more than 35 national Effie programs. For more details, visit