Finding Puppy Raisers for Can Do Canines

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Last summer, as part of Colle McVoy’s annual Cabin internship, the 2018 team of interns worked together to produce a regional campaign for Can Do Canines. Can Do Canines is a Minnesota-based nonprofit dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for people with disabilities by providing them with assistance dogs free of charge. The goal of the campaign was to increase volunteer participation so the organization could give more assistance dogs to people on its waitlist. These volunteers, known as Puppy Raisers, have the incredible task of raising and teaching puppies that will then go through full assistance-dog training.

The team developed a new online video that’s featured on Can Do Canines’ homepage and social media channels. Response to the campaign has been overwhelmingly positive. Since launching, many new volunteers have been recruited, and all the interns are now full-time agency employees.