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Improving brand awareness for a niche brand.

Vermont Creamery was one of the first domestic makers of goat cheese. But even as awards and prestige piled up, brand awareness outside its devotees lagged. With aggressive growth targets, the creamery needed to spark brand awareness among the masses.

As AOR for Vermont Creamery, we needed to craft a brand as delicious as Vermont Creamery cheese. So, we focused on its one-of-a-kind mix of tireless attention to detail and quirky Vermont charm. Or as we call it, its “Vermontness.” This was infused through everything from imagery and design to digital strategy and content strategy. People are taking notice of the creamery’s genuine love for what it does and where it’s from. In the process, Vermont Creamery products have leapt out of the specialty dairy case and into major supermarkets. Learn more about the brand at