Uncharted Waters

It’s projected that by 2050, farmers will need to grow enough food to feed 9 billion people using the same amount of water we have now. WinField United wanted to educate consumers about this looming water crisis and what farmers are doing about it. With this in mind, we created the Uncharted Waters campaign. An engaging look at how farmers use advanced technologies and new agricultural practices to conserve our most precious resource and grow our food.
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We partnered with National Geographic to build and host the Uncharted Waters online quiz experience that tests a user’s knowledge through interactive questions.

Through our National Geographic partnership, WinField United is able to engage with a broad and curious consumer audience in ways that are informative, visionary, emotional and shareable.

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Overall, the campaign conveys the contributions WinField United makes to the global water sustainability effort in a way that is relevant to farmers and city-slickers, alike.

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