Hand holding a wiffle ball ice cream cone with a cherry on top.


In-store and in season

Helping inspire Target guests to discover unique and creative ways to celebrate throughout the year. Our campaign work for Summer, Back-to-College, Valentine's Day and Easter draws guests into the store and cues each distinct season.
Design, Brand Experience
In-Store Signage Summer 2016, Pinwheels on top of sign with headline
Shuttle cocks in graphic pattern
Paddle board game with Marshmallow instead of ball
In-store Signage Valentines 2017 - Paper Heart hanging from ceiling with Sweetshop on it.
Two Sweethearts candies, Be Mine? and Sweet on them.
Teddy bear face poking up from bottom of image - only half his face showing.
In-Store Signage Valentines 2017, Paper Hearts hanging from ceiling.
Easter eggs
Kid with Easter eggs
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