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Kozy Shack

Pudding ain't easy. But it's simple.

After nearly 50 years of making premium refrigerated pudding, Kozy Shack began seeing sales and shelf space shrink due to the meteoric growth of a new-fangled product called Greek yogurt. Armed only with milk, rice, sugar, eggs and salt, we gave this wholesomely simple pudding a sassy new voice. Then we used that voice to help turn this regional niche brand into a national contender.
Digital, Design, Advertising, Mobile

We shifted the site from being outdated, layered and unresponsive to a single-page, easy-to-navigate experience.

kozyshack.com website mockups

A simple-yet-cheeky brand personality helped recruit and inspire a new batch of pudding enthusiasts.

kozy social
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kozy social

A multi-channel media program, led by a partnership with Real Simple, included sampling events, Facebook sweepstakes, print, digital and radio.

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summer pudding boxes
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The results were simply delicious.

120% Increase
in unaided brand awareness
10% Increase
in sales volume at top retailers
8% Increase
in total volume growth (two-thirds of which came from buyers new to the category)
288% Increase
in website traffic
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