From moving teeth to moving people's lives forward.

We rebuilt the Invisalign® brand from the ground up — from a new brand identity to a fully integrated global brand idea. The Made to Move campaign captures the truth that straightening your teeth is much more than a better smile — it’s a step toward your destiny to progress and find the next amazing version of yourself. This idea is much more than a tagline. It expresses the company’s resolve to constantly innovate and imagine something new. Made to Move launched to consumer, professional and internal audiences in 42 countries and 10 languages around the world.
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Our company, our customers, our patients, and our technology. They are all moving forward. Made to Move is what we do, is what we’ve been doing. It unites our history with our future.

Joe Hogan, President and CEO, Align Technology

The smile-inducing results

30% increase
2017 Q1 global sales vs. last year
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