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We helped an old beer make new friends.

The Grain Belt brand has changed a lot over the last 125 years. It’s changed owners, breweries, beers and even cities. But it’s always been labeled as the friendly beer. So we helped turn its friendly talk into friendly actions.
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We gave people a new way to share their love. And beer. For Valentine's Day, we wanted to give people a gift that could keep on giving, so we invented the DualPour. For caring lovers everywhere, to turn one beer into two.

We generated a little friendly competition. When football season came around, we turned the packaging into a game and everyone’s beer into a game piece for a little friendly competition.

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We made Zombies do our bidding. Grain Belt wanted to do more than sponsor an event. They wanted to own the event. But with a small budget, we needed to find a way to do something truly unique. So we turned Grain Belt into “Brain Belt” and took over the world’s largest Zombie Pub Crawl.

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We launched the friendliest new beer in years. When the 125-year-old brand wanted to launch a third beer, we helped them brew up an iconic name, identity and campaign to launch it.

Grain Belt Lock & Dam packaging design
Grain Belt Lock & Dam packaging design
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